About Us

Papulu Apparr-Kari Aboriginal Corporation (Home or House of Language) is the name of the Language and Cultural Centre in Tennant Creek.

The area covered by the Language Centre is over 2500 kilometers squares. From Borroloola in the north to Barrow Creek in the south, the Western Australia Border in the west to the Queensland border in the east (one of the biggest areas covered by a language Centre in the Northern Territory).

Papulu Apparr-Kari Aboriginal Corporation (PAK) was established since 1987 and was registered with the Office of Aboriginal Registrar in November 1987. PAK has always aided in the local community in all cultural and language issues. Our main objective is to record, revive and retrieve the Language and Culture of the Barkly Region. We obtain this in several different ways. We employ speakers of the languages of the Barkly Region and service many Languages.

We were a Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) organisation until July 2009 and unique as we were the first, and the only Language and Cultural Centre in Australia that was operating a CDEP. We were one of the most successful CDEP’s in Australia.

We were one of two organisations’ that were successful in obtaining tri-annual funding from MILR in 2009.

Our Board of Management is made up of members from all over the Barkly region and to give all a say our constitution has been adapted to enable communities to vote for people in there region/ward to represent the language speakers of the region/ward on our Board of Management.

Our vision is to record, restore and revive the Languages of the Barkly Region and to promote employment and economic opportunities and training pathways for the Indigenous people through various programs, enterprises and in particular new media and multimedia technology.

“To leave Language footprints across the Barkly Region.”