Georgia-Rae Horwood

I come from Tennant Creek; I’ve lived here all my life only went away for boarding school for 2 years. I work in the archival section and administration area. I’ve been working here since 2017 as a casual up until 2020, I am now a full-time employee at Papulu Apparr-kari. I like working here because the people are supportive and friendly. One thing I like most about PAK is the atmosphere, the position I’m in and the history about the language around the Barkly Region.

Lavina Grant 

I come from Tennant Creek NT, but I briefly lived at Kiana Station located on the Barkly Highway. At Papulu Apparr-kari I look after the reception and sometimes when we’re short of staff I will go out and help the RSAS team. I’ve been working here now for about a year, it’s good because there are nice co-workers. Working here has given me the opportunity to learn my language more.