Scrumptious rewards for top attenders

Posted on: 24 March 2021, 8:53pm

The students of Mr Jackson’s Year 3/4 class and Mrs Karen Year 1/2 class at the Tennant Creek Primary School receive a reward for their great school attendance.  

These two classes reached the highest attendance numbers of the whole school.  
The PaCE and RSAS teams gave them rewards in the way of treats and event to remember.  
The year 3/4s on Thursday were treated to a pizza lunch with all the trimmings of garlic bread and many varieties of pizzas.  
On Friday, the 1/2 class requested an afternoon tea, and it was delivered to a high standard of all the variety of a Mad Hatter’s tea party complete with gift bags to take home and enjoy.   
A special thank you goes to Atul from Rocky’s Pizza for supplying us with the pizza boxes to make it even more special.  
Thank you to the great staff at Papulu Apparr-kari “Taste Buds” for providing an-other great array of food that the children really enjoyed.  
We are now planning and looking for-ward to the next class high attendance rewards.  

Will it be your child’s class?

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