Continuing vital language resource work

Posted on: 23 September 2021, 5:58am

The Language Centre has been kept busy over the past few years, working on language resources in several languages of the Barkly Region and are pleased to see the completion of the Plant and Animal book in “Garrwa and Gunindirr Garrwa”.

The published book is now ready to be launched after the language media team travelled this week to finalise the recordings for the QR codes.
“It was great to travel to Borroloola to do the recordings and catch up with the speakers and to do some planning on future language projects with the speakers,” said CEO Karan Hayward.
The launch is planned for later in the year.
Meanwhile in Tennant Creek, the work has continued on the Warumungu and Wambaya, Gudanji, Binbinka and Ngarnka ‘Plant and Animal’ books that are nearing completion and are in the final checking stage with speakers and elders.
We are aiming to have them published before the end of the year.
Last week also seen the start of the work on the Warlmanpa ‘Plant and Animal’ book, with speakers working at the Language Centre with Glenn Wightman daily for the past two weeks and they will be continuing to work on the book till we are ready to publish.
If you would like to be involved in these valuable resources or add to the publications, please feel free to contact the Language Centre or drop in for a visit.

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