Community BBQ for Epenarra Students

Posted on: 12 May 2021, 7:42pm

Epenarra was the place to be last week for the Language Centre crew with the CEO and RSAS Manager attending community meeting at the request of community on Tuesday and the RSAS team travelling out on Thursday to participate in a community Bar-B-Que and to take part in an action activity full event.

Our team had a great time and cooked up a fantastic feed for all.
The community meeting was called to discuss several issues regarding the community and school attendance was a major concern. Not that children in community are not attending school as all that are in community are attending.
The issue was the fact that so many families are not in community and are elsewhere in the Northern Territory with their children and not attending school. This is a big concern across the Northern Territory with many children travelling and missing school for long periods of time.
We need to remember that if children are to be missing school for any period of time the schools must be notified, or parents’ risk being fined, and their children are at risk of not being able to obtain an education and unable to read and write in the future.
Education is important and it is everyone’s business. Children need to go to school – it is the law. See the number below if you need help getting your kids to school!

  1. 110521