Annual General Meeting travels to Elliott

Posted on: 19 November 2021, 9:33am

Papulu Apparr-kari Aboriginal Corporation members travelled to Elliott this week to hold its Annual General Meeting out on community to hear from community members what they would like to see in place at the Language Centre and what plans, directions, and outcomes for the future.

Listening to community outside of Tennant Creek will strengthen the work we are to undertake in the future.
Outcome of the meeting in Elliott, apart from the usual AGM business, was language hubs will be developed in all our regions and regular meetings will be held to discuss more language development to keep our languages strong.
Also, the offer again was extended as it has been for the past four years to visit the Centre to see what is going on and what is being worked on and not wait for AGM to raise matters.
Our door is always open, and we are happy to show people what we are doing and working on.
We have many people come and do that daily.
Working together achieves more and as this is what is required for our community to have a better future.
It is time to stop saying it and start doing it.
The meeting was chaired by Kevin Gaskin and he did a great job and a big thank you for taking the time to help us out.
Thank you also to the Barkly Regional Council for allowing us to use the premises in Elliott, very much appreciated.
Thank you to the staff and members that traveled and attended the meeting.
We will have to see where the Governing Board decides the next AGM meeting will be within our language region.

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