Student attendance rise a testament to hard work by all

Posted on: 4 March 2020, 9:37pm

The Tennant Creek Primary School hit its highest student attendance in years last week, a testament to the hard work put in by all.

School staff, parents, caregivers, the RSAS and PaCE teams from Papulu Apparr-Kari Aboriginal Corporation and the Clontarf Academy and Moriarty Foundation should be really proud of the 70 per cent attendance result.

From the hearty breakfasts served each morning to the students before school, the follow-ups by RSAS, PaCE and staff with families to the new mobile classroom project – the message is getting through.
Kids need to be at school every day!
The Yellow Shirts joined with RISENgurratjuta and Anyinginyi Health
Aboriginal Corporation staff to undertake mental health training over three days this week at the Civic Hall.
The NESA training group conducted
the course.
Lavina Grant said the training was
great and gave her skills to be able to
deal with issues which may arise from
mental illness.
It also reminded her she could do more
for people with mental health issues.
The training is vital to ensure Language
Center staff can deal with all issues
impacting our community.

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