Smashing time at the Language Centre

Posted on: 21 August 2020, 8:42pm



We too became a victim of the out-of control vandalism and damage being done to the town this week with thousands of dollars of repairs now needed to be carried out on our premises.  
We are only one of many this week and what is the saddest part of the situation is that it is now the norm for our “used to be a great town and community”.  
People and businesses are now on a daily basis sometimes several days a week getting broken into, trashed, graffiti, goods stolen, vehicles damaged, window smashed, etc.
  Our children are walking the streets all hours of the night and then too tired to go to school.  Our houses are overcrowded and with no solutions to that problem on the horizon.  
As a community we keep asking what can be done.
  Well it starts with parents, carers, elders, families and community saying enough is enough and we must take responsibility of our children.  
Get your kids under control and get them an education, as what future do we have in this community and the communities they go to.

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