Another busy month at the Language Centre

Posted on: 30 October 2020, 10:08pm

It’s the last term of the school year and PAK have hit the ground running, working hard to engage with families to get children to attend school. Along with all of the work we do in helping families with getting their children to school,  we have been working on many projects, all working towards preserving our languages and keeping language strong. We currently have Glenn Wightman from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources working at PAK whilst he is cataloguing local fauna and flora. His work will go on to be adapted for multiple languages across our region, with the expert help of hardworking elders, linguists and language speakers. Soon the hard work of all those involved will be available in multiple different languages, and we are very excited to see a legacy that will be left for many generations to come. Keep your eye out for upcoming publications!

With the return to the last term of school for the year, the RSAS and PaCE teams are hard at work aiding families to get their children to school.

This is no easy task with some parents and carers not engaging and some being very abusive.
We must remember it is the law to send your children to school and it is up to us all to ensure we educate our children.
Language Centre staff have been working on various projects and getting ready for the vital language meetings across the Barkly region over the past few weeks.
Department of Environment and Natural Resources Ethnobiologist Glenn Wightman is currently visiting and working at the Centre.
The vital work Mr Wightman is undertaking on the flora and fauna cataloguing to be adapted into various languages across the region with the collaboration of language speakers, elders and respected linguists.
It has been great to witness the excitement in the various language groups when they see and participate in the gathering of the languages and usages of the plants and fauna as it was used by the elders of the past.
Currently the languages resources being worked on are: Wambaya, Warumungu, Warlmanpa, Wakaya, Kudanji, Ngarnga, Binbinga, Garrawa, Waanyi and Mara.
Books have already been completed and printed in Mudburra and Jingili.
We look forward to the completion of these books in the near future and thank Mr Wightman for working with us on ensuring these language resources will be available to future generations.
Also, the first of the community meetings was held this week to bring the rules of the organisation up to date with the CATSI Act and regulations.
We thank The Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporation for aiding us in our facilitating of the meetings and the drafting of the rule changes that will go to a special meeting for ratification in the new year, after community meetings are held across the language groups of the region.

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