All busy at PAK with archival and language

Posted on: 10 July 2020, 9:38pm

THE Remote Student Attendance Strategy (RSAS) and Parent and Community Engagement (PaCE) workers took up the challenge of sorting and cataloguing the large archival material over the two-week school holiday break.

Lennie Barton and Vanessa Dixon travelled from Elliott to go through the region’s materials.
These include recordings, photos, videos and many language documents.
Nicholas Tracker was kept busy going through photos and identifying people and places to be catalogued for future inclusion in archival database.
Georgia Horwood is undertaking the photographing of old newspapers and language documents to be preserved to a standard that is required for archival.
Tanya Jones and Jordan Gillard are as always busy carrying out and arranging for language work to be translated and recorded for various agencies.
These translations and recordings have kept Rosemary Plummer, Raylene Bill, Mary James and Valda Shannon busy over the past few week.
We appreciate the time and effort they put in to keeping their languages strong.

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