A message from Tennant Creek Primary School

Posted on: 1 April 2020, 9:32pm

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have recently had many enquiries about whether or not the school is open and whether or not to send children to school during this pandemic. We urge you to take note of the advice given below.
From the Chief Minister:
I know it seems like every day the list of restrictions gets a bit longer, and trying to live a normal life gets a bit
tougher. But what’s happening is not normal. We can’t act as though things are normal.
So, just remember five words: Stay home, if you can.
Unless you’ve got to work, or shop, or exercise – stay home, if you can.
I know it seems like the most un-Territorian thing to do – to stay inside, shut away from the great
outdoors. But being the best Territorian you can be right now means being safe.
Think of it this way. When you’re out in public, around a lot of other people, you are rolling the dice with your
health, and your family’s health.
So, instead of rolling the dice, choose the safest bet – stay home, if you can.

From the Department of Education Chief executive:
Schools will continue as usual this week but families can choose to keep their children home if they wish.
Students will not be required to attend during this time.
The final four days of this school term – Monday 6 April to Thursday 9 April – will be professional
development days for staff to prepare for the continued delivery of education in Term 2.

When schools have Professional Development days, they ask that all families keep their children at home on those days. In this time of the Corona Virus Pandemic, we understand that some families may be involved in essential services such as working in the medical, health or education areas, working for the emergency services (Police, Fire, Ambulance and Power & Water), working at Centrelink or working at the IGA during school hours, so in this instance,
TCPS will be open for children of those workers, if alternative arrangements for child care cannot be made.
Combined classes of students would follow a modified learning program for the days students needed to attend school.
During this time, adults need to work together keep children safe and the safest place is staying at home.
Thank you for your cooperation
Tennant Creek Primary School

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