Working in partnership

Posted on: 26 September 2019, 6:38pm

The Language Centre has been working with the Patta Native Title group, Central Land Council, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistic, Cultural Authority Group, Aboriginal Hostels Limited in a collaborative way to ensure the local language is used in the entrance statement at the north and south end of town and the new student boarding residence houses.

We are also working with consultants to undertake the most important program of archival to ensure our large language resources of the Barkly region are preserved for future generations.
This is an ongoing process vital for the preservation of our language materials. The last few weeks has seen the PAK teams working in collaboration with the Department of Education to engage with parents and carers to get more children to school.
The school attendance across the Barkly Region has been low and the risk of losing teachers is a reality that we can not afford.
The Student Engagement Officer and compliance teams from the Department of Education have been out and about with the Remote Student Attendance Strategy (RSAS) Manager Anita Mayers and the team following up on the chronic non-attendees.
So, if you don’t want a visit then make sure your children attend school.
School attendance is the law and you are risking fines or a court appearance if you do not obey the law and send your school aged children to school.
It’s not all bad news around the Barkly Region with school attendance.
Epenarra and Elliott Schools have had improvements and an increase in attendance.
So, we need the rest

  1. Pak Newspaper 13 09 2019