New Coin to celebrate year of Indigenous languages

Posted on: 19 April 2019, 8:36am

This week seen the launch of the new 50 cent piece celebrating the year of Indigenous languages.

The Barkly region had two languages, Warumungu and Kaytetye, chosen to be on the coin and speakers of those languages are very honoured to be included.

The coin recognises 14 languages and acknowledges the lost languages with the blank spacing between the words.

Brenda Crafter attended the launch representing the Warumungu speakers and Nicholas Tracker went to represent the Kaytetye speakers.

Both said it was a great honour for their languages to be included on the coin and had a great time at the launch in Adelaide on Tuesday morning.

The coin design is purposely placed sideways to encourage the viewer to look at the theme of indigenous language in a new way, as well as embracing a different perspective.

Chairperson Allen Punch said he was privileged to witness the celebration and acknowledged the respect shown by the production of the coin to the Indigenous languages of Australia.

He said Papulu Apparr-kari is devoted to ensuring languages of our region are always advocated and supported.

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