Education is everyone’s business

Posted on: 12 November 2019, 4:09am

At the recent Annual General Meeting of Papulu Apparr-kari Aboriginal Corporation, community members asked why we are we doing school attendance and government’s work and not just carrying out language work.

To answer those questions and concerns, as the person/s were not at the meeting, we have provided the following:

Education is everyone’s business
and is a vital, if not one of the
most important knowledge we can
aid our people in acquiring.

We at the Language Centre spoke to many community members, interested parties before we took on our current school attendance programs for the Federal Government.
Getting children education to be better leaders, speakers, better opportunities were some of the priorities communities and community members identified across the Barkly region, if not the whole of Australia.
One of the main issues we came up against every day in the role of using language to get the messages out on vital issues was that “I can speak my language, but can not write or read it.”
We want our languages to be strong and used in the future so we need to educate our children and youth to read and write now.

Education is the business of everyone.
School every day is the only way.

All our languages in the Barkly Region are important to Papulu Apparr-kari Aboriginal Corporation and those that have a lot of language resources at their disposal are lucky and need to acknowledge that other languages need to develop their resources on the limited budgets we receive.
We acknowledge the land and the owners of this country the Language Centre is situated on, but we also have to remember the Centre was founded on all the languages of the Barkly coming together to form a hub to service all languages of the region.
This is what the Elders wanted and what we are here for.

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