Congratulations to The Mob on a touching project

Posted on: 1 August 2019, 8:20pm

The Papulu Apparr-kari team visited the cemetery this week to confirm a site for a family chasing their ancestor’s history.
During the visit we witnessed the great work being done by the Tennant Creek Mob Aboriginal Corporation in its headstone project.
This project is wonderful to see and we encourage all to visit the cemetery and see the great job they are doing on the headstones.
A few weeks back, Cyril Dixon returned to town to help make the headstone for his mother’s and father’s grave.
The emotion and pride he felt upon completion of the project was a wonder to witness.
So a big pat on the back to The Mob and all the workers for a great and worthy project.
Keep up the good work.
For a little organisation you are leaving big footprint!

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