Yellow shirts return early for skills workshop

Posted on: 25 May 2017, 11:35am

The Remote Student Attendance Strategy (RSAS) team were extremely busy during the last week of the school holidays attending vital training and staff development to improve their skills and work performance.

Teams from Epenarra, Ali Curung, Elliott, Am­pilatwatja and Tennant Creek took part in the workshops arranged by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and conducted by trainers from the National Employment Service Association (NESA).

The workshop’s trainers were of a high stand­ard and the knowledge they presented to the team was highly valued.

The three-day workshop was part of ongoing training to equip the RSAS team with certified qualifications to enable them to improve employ­ment pathways now and into the future.

Student Attendance Officer (SAO) Gary Mar­shall said he really enjoyed the really enjoyed the workshop and had a great time learning new skills.

Student Attendance Supervisor Tanya Jones (SAS) said she enjoyed the coming together of all the teams to improve their skills to do their job better. More training is to come in the future and is being eagerly awaited by the RSAS staff.

Remember school has started and the Yellow Shirts are on the job, so if you need help getting your kids to school contact the RSAS team for a helping hand. Education is important to all of our communities, so send your kids to school every day.

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