Traditional signage initiatives for town entrances

Posted on: 25 May 2017, 11:33am

The Papulu Apparr Kari Alcohol Management Program Signage team have been busy working with Warumungu Traditional Owners over the past few months to develop welcome to country signage for north, east and southern highway entrances to Tennant Creek and Warumungu cultural protocols.

Warumungu Traditional Owners agreed the design for the sign will include footprints leading into the centre of Tennant Creek from north, east and southern regions with a man and woman either side to protect country.

Traditional owners also advised the wording on the sign should include both English and Warumungu language and will state: Welcome to Warumungu Country with a Warumungu language translation directly beneath.

Two local men, Jerry Freddie and Alistair Burns have been working on the artwork and graphic for the design.

Warumungu cultural protocol signage will also be installed at the following sites in Tennant Creek: Peko Park, Paterson Street Bus Terminal, Purkiss Reserve, Haddock Park and roadside stops in Warumungu country.

Approval for highway signage is now being sought from the Department of Construction and Infrastructure after which Traditional Owners will be advised of signage launch dates.

PAK would like to thank all Warumungu traditional owners who participated in the consultations fror this project. PAK would also like to thank the Barkly Alcohol Management Reference Group, Patta Aboriginal Corporation, NT Department of Business, NT Department of Transport and the Central Land Council for their support with this project.

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