The Mulga community does it again

Posted on: 24 May 2017, 2:59pm

ONCE again the Mulga community has got behind school attendance.

This week seen the families of Mulga working together to get their children up early and off to school to have a great day of learning and fun.

There were 27 children waiting for the school bus to pick them up by 6.58 am on Wednesday morning.

These great numbers of children waiting for the bus each morning continued all week. Well done to all involved in the early morning wake ups - PaCE and Yellow Shirts wake up crews, the children and families for putting in a great effort all week to ensure the kids of Mulga are up early and going to school. We still have some children that are hard to get up in the mornings but with a little more effort by all we hope to get them up early and attending school. Remember going to school every day is the only way.

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