Students kept busy and active during the holidays

Posted on: 24 May 2017, 3:16pm

DURING the last of school holidays, the Remote Student Attendance Officer team (SAOs or yellow shirt mob) joined forces with the Sports and Rec teams of Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation and Barkly Regional Council to keep the kids of the Barkly region busy.

Kids in Tennant Creek, Elliott, Ali Curung and Tennant Creek were kept active and involved with various games, sporting activities, baking and watching movies.

The region’s youth had a great time and there were many tired and worn out kids at the end of each day.

Last Thursday, the SAOs, Anyinginyi Sports and Rec staff and children took part in a version of “The Amazing Race”.

Student Attendance Supervisor (SAS) Micky Burton said that the kids had a great time and really enjoyed themselves.

“Taking part in holiday activities helps build bonds with the kids and makes the SAO’s job better as the kids feel they can communicate with them easier,” said Micky.

Fellow SAS, Tanya Jones, said they had a great team of SAOs made up from local people and the kids were now more trusting and seemed to be more willing to accept them and not run away when approached by the team in the streets when they should be at school.

“We need to remember that it is so important that our children attend school on a daily basis and not miss a day,” said Tanya. “All children have the right to a good education and it is up to the carers, parents and community to ensure they attend school.”

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