School attendance on rise at Mulga and Tingkarli

Posted on: 24 May 2017, 3:00pm

School attendance levels were on the rise this week, so much so that almost all children of the local living areas of Mulga and Tingkarli attended school.

The Yellow Shirts and PaCE teams worked with Truancy to get as many children to school as possible and it seemed to be pay off.

The Mulga and Tingkarli children were ready and waiting for the school bus and the Yellow Shirts and PaCE teams transported them to another exciting day at school.

Keep up the good work children and families, your efforts are much appreciated.

On another note, Papulu Apparr-Kari Aboriginal Corporation (PAK) would like to state that it is a Language Centre which provides a service to the people and communities across the Barkly region. PAK’s role is to look after as many Indigenous languages as possible, not just care about one.

“We are an organisation that is here to benefit the people of the Barkly region in any way that will improve and empowering community members,” PAK CEO Karan Hayward said.

“This was the wishes of our elders that our Centre is for all and the empire that has been stated that we are building is for the community and future generations, which will be here long after we all have past.”

“So be proud of what is to be built and think more about the community than yourself and what’s in it for me. A community can be great if we all work together, not attack or bully each other.”

  1. Mulga Tingkarli