Proving that school can be fun!

Posted on: 25 May 2017, 11:29am

IT was a busy but extremely fun week for Re­mote School Attendance Strategy (RSAS) work­ers and local schools with barbeques, discos, prizes, swimming events, fresh fruit deliveries and treats for all those that attended school.

Students from Tennant Creek Primary and High schools and Epenarra and Ali Curung schools all were involved in the activities which were rewards for good school attendance.

The swimming events bought a cooling relief from the heat and the students had fun while making valuable friendships.

Congratulations to all involved for making these events a wonderful time for all.

School attendance was high all of last week but there is plenty of room for improvement.

With all the extra community members in town, the Yellow Shirt crews, teachers, AIEWs and PaCE teams have been extra busy, chasing up children on the absentee lists.

The sad thing is that we are still not getting all school-aged children to school and there are too many in the streets at night and not at home getting a good night sleep, ready for school the next day. It is vital for children to receive a good education and attend school every day.

If your children are away or sick please let the schools know.

If you need help getting your children to school, ring the Yellow Shirt Mob on 8962 3270.

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