Keeping language strong

Posted on: 25 May 2017, 11:25am

LANGUAGE Centre staff are travelling to Perth this week to meet with the Western Australian Language groups at the Wanala Western and Northern Aboriginal Alliance.

This meeting is a vital part of inter-state alliance on keeping languages strong and developing ways on improving how languages are developed to ensure that they are used by future generations.

“The importance of training in new ways to develop our language resources to be more accessible on multi-media and in ways that the younger generations can access is very important to us,” said CEO Karan Hayward.

Selina Grant, one of the participants to attend the meeting, said she was looking forward to adapting the information and knowledge she had gained from the meeting and valued the sharing of knowledge with the other language groups of the Northern Territory and Western Australia that attended the meeting.

The meeting will aid Papulu Apparr-kari Aboriginal Corporation to develop and plan for the future to ensure they are able to provide the best archival and resource development of their language resources.

While staff are away at the meeting, Language Centre staff left behind are busy working on various translations and interpreting work for the NDIS and other departments.

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