Keeping language strong

Posted on: 25 May 2017, 11:24am

Language is always at the forefront of all programs and projects carried out at Papulu Apparr-Kari – “the Language Centre”.

Other than the daily translation, recordings, interpreting, booklets, dictionary, cross culture and language lessons, language is used to get the message across to all of our clients.

This they do by having local language speakers working on all of their consultations with community members and having all information concerning programs translated into the languages of the community.

Some of Papulu Apparr-Kari’s (PAK) current programs are aimed at improving school attendance to ensure that our children are able to get a better education to enable them to be able to read and write the languages of their parents and grandparents.

PAK’s current programs are the Remote Student Attendance Strategy (RSAS) and the Parent and Community Engagement (PaCE) programs.

The Language Centre is always endeavouring to revive, restore and retrieve the languages of the Barkly and hope to continue developing new and innovative ways to widen the use of the regional languages for many years to come.

They welcome visitors to drop in and see the work that is being done to benefit the community.

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