Goodbye to the old, in with the new

Posted on: 25 May 2017, 11:26am

Last Tuesday 27 October was the very last meeting to be held at the Language Centre at 17 Windley Street.

The Annual General Meeting was held at the old premises as a final farewell.

After 21 years, it is time for the old buildings to be demolished to make way for the new language Center to be built.

The AGM was attended by a large number of members and people observing the last meeting to be held in the old buildings.

The AGM will hopefully be held in the newly built Centre in October 2016.

The occasion was a happy one and in some ways a sad one for those that had worked at the Language Centre over the years.

With a newly elected committee and the building of the new Language Centre, Papulu Apparr-Kari is looking forward to a new beginning ensuring that we remember the past to enable the future generations have better opportunities and expectations to succeed.

The new Language Centre Building will be a great legacy to all Language speakers and non-language speakers of the region and will be a great resource for all.

  1. Out With The Old In With The New