Extra effort in Ali Curung starts to pay off

Posted on: 25 May 2017, 11:07am

OVER the last fortnight RSAS team members from Tennant Creek have travelled to Ali Curung to lend a hand to teaching staff and the local Yellow Shirt Mob at Alekarenge School.

The extra help aimed to improve the student at­tendance in the community.

While in Ali Curung, the Yellow Shirt Mob did more than 45 follow-ups with parents and guard­ians daily, trying to find out why the children weren’t making it to school.

At first, numbers were higher mid-week, but due to a funeral in Tennant Creek on the Friday for a respected elder, school attendance dropped considerably for that day.

However parents and carers are showing im­proved initiative and have been notifying the school when students are going away from the community. This helps the school mark a student away for a legitimate reason and not just absent from school.

Salina Grant and Desmond Plummer are at Supervisor Micky Burton’s side and look forward to visiting families in Ali Curung and helping to improve the attendance.

“The great work will continue this week again in the community and with all of us working together we hope to improve the attendance numbers of Alekarenge School,” he said.

“I have a good team that really care about get­ting kids to school and working with parents and carers to get kids up in the morning.

The principal, Shontell Dougherty, said his teach­ing team were very supportive of the work being done by the Yellow Shirt Mob and together he hoped to improve attendance numbers.

Remember if the children in your care are away from school, let the Yellow Shirt Mob know, so they can let the school know.

“Every child at school, every day, the only way.”

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