Children need to attend school every day for a better education

Posted on: 25 May 2017, 11:09am

AS the first week of school ends and the second one starts, the attendance levels have room for improvement in schools across the Barkly region.

There are many parents, carers and children away from the community for various reasons.

Parents and carers need to understand that education is a vital part of children lives to ensure that they are equipped to succeed in the future.

By keeping your children away from school so that you can attend royalties meeting, Centrelink, football games or visiting families, is putting your child at a disadvantage.

If you need to go to town during the school week, then arrange to leave your child with a responsible person at home, so they can attend school or ensure that where ever you go, to arrange for your child to attend the local school.

Parents and carers need to notify their child’s school when they are going to be away or not attending school due to sickness or other reasons.

The Yellow Shirts and PaCE teams can help with this by contacting the school or community on their behalf.

Children who don’t attend school regularly are referred to Truancy staff and this may lead to fines, prosecution and loss of welfare payments.

So send your children to school.

The Yellow Shirts and PaCE teams are out and about in communities from 7am every morning to do wake-ups and pick-ups to ensure children are ready for the school bus when it arrives.

Let’s work harder to get every child to school daily. It’s up to us all to do our bit for our children.

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