Breakfast in the park

Posted on: 24 May 2017, 3:18pm

THE Papulu Apparr-kari team, made up of Language Centre workers, administration, PaCE teams and the Yellow Shirts, provided breakfast to the people of Tennant Creek on Tuesday.

Various members of the Barkly community enjoyed a big morning feast which was organised to coincide with the visit of a television production team that will be filming a documentary, also involving in the local High School, in Tennant Creek next year.

The breakfast was the perfect ‘meet and greet’ for the ‘Screentime’ production team and the community.

We look forward to this event next year.

The breakfast was a great success with many children from the school attending with parents and carers, as well as family members.

This is the last week of school prior to the six week Christmas holidays.

We would like to wish all a safe and happy Christmas and hope to see all school aged children back at school next year.

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